General conditions

Our general conditions (AGB)

Deutsches Haus Hotel- und Gaststätten-Betriebs-GmbH
(Hereinafter called the Hotel)
Date: 01/04/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy)

§ 1
Between the customer and the Hotel, a contract is concluded when the hotel reserved rooms, meeting rooms or other power units – has confirmed and agreed with it – no matter orally or in writing. A reservation is considered here as order. The contract is in the form in which it has been promised. Written confirmation is required in any case, continue to apply its contents as agreed without the so states has come Agreement may be terminated unilaterally. The person of our contractual partner arises from its name in the confirmation letter. If in this representation ratios be displayed incorrectly, this is reported immediately. We also recommend taking out travel insurance.

§ 2
Advance reservations, quotas and Option reservations are binding for both parties. No later than the expiry of the agreed expiry date, the definitive dates will be set. Without this, go out the pre-registrations, quotas and reservations option.

§ 3
The hotel room and the guest house are from arrival 14.00 (or by appointment) to departure 10.00 am (or by agreement) available. Unless a later arrival time has been agreed, the hotel reserves the right to award the rooms after 18:00 otherwise.

§ 4
Meeting and other function rooms are the organizer to the agreed times. Are the rooms longer needed, theHotel is to be informed in good time and without delay.

§ 5
The hotel is basically every effort to ensure the provision of certain conference rooms and specific rooms. Should this not be possible, the hotel reserves a short-term change, without this damage claims triggers.

§ 6
Cancellations must be in writing. Since order cancellations and are also connected to the hotel with high costs, shall be deemed agreed: 100% of the agreed service price with a cancellation period of less than 3 days (unless otherwise agreed in the booking confirmation). The amount is due with the notification of cancellation. The above rule applies to hotel room bookings  as well as conferences and other events of all kinds. In principle, the hotel will try to assign unused reservations elsewhere. If this is successful, the customer will not be charged. Failing this, the above cancellation scheme is agreed.

§ 7
Group tours are reservations from 5 rooms or more of the categories single and double rooms. Ordering and reordering must be in writing. A free cancellation is possible until 56 days (2 months) before arrival and must be in writing. After expiry of this period, the following shall be deemed agreed:
For a cancellation period of less than 56 days (2 months), the following cancellation fees apply:
80% of the agreed service price for bed and breakfast,
70% of the agreed service price for half-board accommodation,
60% of the agreed service price for accommodation with full board
(unless otherwise agreed in the booking confirmation).
Depending on the size of repurchases, the price may change. There is no claim to the original price agreement
This amount is due to the cancellation. Basically, the hotel will try to assign unused reservations elsewhere. Failing this, the above cancellation scheme is agreed.

§ 8
Should a change in events, the number of people, so this is possible before without costs in a display of 2 days. As far as special menus are agreed that Umbestellungsfrist is 7 days in advance.

§ 9
The purchaser shall be liable to any of the organizer for payment
Participants. In Used services, as well as for damage to the inventory of the house

§ 10
Our hotels are Non smoking hotels. Therefore, it is forbidden to smoke both in public areas, as well as in the guest rooms. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. In the event of an infringement, the hotel has the right to require the host compensation for separately expended cleaning costs including any loss of revenue from a therefrom not possible rental of the room. This compensation amount is based on the actual costs incurred and is higher or lower to be recognized when the hotel a higher or the customer a lower damage.

The  misuse of emergency call equipment is punishable!
Negligent or deliberately triggered false alarms will in any case entail considerable criminal consequences and high civil damages claims. The hotel guest or his/her guardian is liable for the deliberate or negligent triggering of the alarm devices of the hotel (fire alarm system, etc.) in full, but at least for the actual costs incurred.
The deliberate damage to components of the fire protection device, e.g. Disabling of alarms in the rooms, is registered and recorded by the fire alarm center. The costs for the repair of the damaged components will be charged to the person causing the damage.

§ 12
The bring pets requires the hotel’s consent. The guest is obliged to advance to announce the desire to bring one or more pets. If the hotel agrees to bring pets, this is done under the assumption that the pets are under the constant supervision of the guest and are free from diseases and anyway they represent no threat to hotel guests and hotel staff.  Carrying the animal / animals at breakfast and in the
Function rooms is not permitted. However, exceptions are blind, deaf and other comparable service dogs. This may be carried free of charge and at any time.

§ 13
Invoices are due upon receipt without deduction.

§ 14
relied upon by the buyer on a usual from the price list of the hotel different fixed price agreement and / or special pricing agreements, so it is responsible for the burden of proof. If the reservation and the organization of an event, a period of more than 6 months, as at the time of the event valid price shall prevail.

§ 15
The hotel strives to provide an immediate solution when technical defects. However, reduction of the agreed service price are impossible due to such defects. For loss and / or damage of objects brought in the Hotel is liable under the statutory provisions. Liability for guest vehicles of any kind – for whatever legal reason – is, as far as permissible.
Damage and extreme contamination of the inventory may be invoiced separately in individual cases.
The burden of proof lies in this case with the hotel.

§ 16
All agreements between the customer and the hotel are in principle drawn up in writing or confirmed in writing. Verbal additional have no bond.

§ 17
Fulfillment is Munster and jurisdiction is Soltau.
German law applies. The application of the UN Sales Convention is excluded.